Mission & Vision

Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory focuses on smart solutions for a wide variety of MEMS & Microfluidics & Biomedical Optics & Soft Robotics applications including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Optical endoscopy (utilizing piezo fiber-scanning, polymer actuators etc…)
  • Microfluidic devices for assisting the handicapped
  • MEMS on Fiber Optic Sensors (temperature, position, pressure)
  • Optomedical Image Processing  
  • MEMS Reliability


  New Grant!
 A TUBITAK 1001 Grant is awarded to our laboratory in 2020 on Wireless Capsule Endoscopy.

 SPIE Photonics West Presentation
 Oğuz gave an oral presentation on 3D printed 3D actuators for laser scanning endoscopy at the SPIE  Photonics West Conference in February (San Francisco)
                                  New Graduation!
 Gökçe defended her MSc thesis
 2019: Gökçe successfully defended her MSc thesis, on reliability testing of Polyamide Actuators

Recent Publications

 Reliability Testing of 3D-Printed Polyamide Actuators

 Authors: Gökçe Kasap, Y.Dağhan Gökdel, M. Berke Yelten, and  Onur Ferhanoğlui
 Journal / Year: IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 2020

 Scattering Metal Waveguide Based Speckle-Enhanced Prism Spectrometry

  Authors: Ş. Kaan Çetindağ , M. Fatih Toy, Onur Ferhanoğlu, and Fehmi Çivitci
  Journal / Year: Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2020
 Mixture model and its experimental validation for visible light communications

  Authors: Saliha Büyükçorak, Ozan Topal,  Onur Ferhanoğlu, and Güneş Karabulut Kurt
  Journal / Year: IET Electronics Letters, 2020