Mission & Vision

Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory focuses on smart solutions for a wide variety of Biomedical Optics applications including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Optical endoscopy (utilizing piezo fiber-scanning, polymer actuators etc…)
  • Design and Fabrication of soft actuators for 3D optomedical imaging.
  • High-resolution Spectroscopy
  • MOEMS Sensors (temperature, position, pressure)
  • Optomedical Image Processing  


  Ramin and Janset Graduated
  Our two graduate students Ramin Khayatzadeh and Janset Savas finished their graduate studies and successfully defended their theses.

  New project got funding from TUBITAK (1001)
  Our new project titled "Lazer Taramalı Endoskoplara Yönelik Hibrit Uyarma Mekanizmalı ve Yekpare 3-Boyutlu Tarayıcı Sistemi" got a TUBITAK funding last month.

  Paper Published
  Our paper titled "Optimization of piezo-fiber scanning architecture for low voltage/high displacement operation" got published in Sensors and Actuators