Mission & Vision

Electro-Optic Devices Laboratory focuses on smart solutions for a wide variety of MEMS & Microfluidics & Biomedical Optics & Soft Robotics applications including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • Optical endoscopy (utilizing piezo fiber-scanning, polymer actuators etc…)
  • Microfluidic devices for assisting the handicapped
  • MEMS on Fiber Optic Sensors (temperature, position, pressure)
  • Optomedical Image Processing  
  • MEMS Reliability


New Graduation!
  Kaan Graduated!
 October 2018: Kaan successfully defended his MSc thesis, on a novel high dynamic-range speckle spectrometry  system.  
New members
  New members join EDL
  September 2018: We welcome new MSc, PhD candidates, as well as a new faculty member: Asst. Prof.   Ahmet C. Erten.
                                  New Grant
  New Grant
  2017: We receive a new TÜBİTAK 1001 grant on 3D printed 3D scanning optical endoscopy. 

Recent Publications

 A Speckle-Enhanced Prism Spectrometer with High Dynamic-Range

 Authors: Kaan Çetindağ, M. Fatih Toy, Onur Ferhanoğlu, and Fehmi Çivitci
 Journal / Year: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (to appear in 2019)
 Scanning fiber microdisplay: design, implementation, and comparison to MEMS mirror-based  scanning displays
  Authors: Ramin Khayatzadeh, Fehmi Çivitci, Onur Ferhanoğlu, and Hakan Ürey
  Journal / Year: Optics Express, 2018

 Toward fully three-dimensional-printed miniaturized confocal imager

  Authors: Janset Savaş, Ramin Khayatzadeh, Fehmi Çivitci, Y. Dağhan Gökdel, and  Onur Ferhanoğlu
  Journal / Year: Optical Engineering, 2018